Anniversary of what?


If you’re a member of the Lambily, you know The Anniversary is March 27th and that this is the how (not really that) Elusive Glitter Butterfly refers to what we losers call our “birthday”. By the way, another well-known accepted Lambily truth: Mimi was born in 1970 (even though, um, some people think that may have been earlier. If you are one of those people, f-ck off. Mimi needs to believe she’s a child of the 70s. Who are you to challenge this?).

Anyway, The Anniversary, obviously, is the most festive day of the year, apart from Christmas, although Mimi would tell you that Christmas is the most festive SEASON, and The Anniversary is the most festive DAY. Can you feel the difference? No matter what the number, on The Anniversary, we will have specially ordered fireworks to celebrate the most special snowflake of them all:

There should also be a dance party – but AMAZINGLY they’re not playing her music! What is this f-ckery?!

Please note, the video above ends with a shot of Mimi apparently feeling herself up while angling her best side to the camera, the reality show camera, presumably, arranged by her manager, Stella, who supposedly brokered the deal and may or may not be taking advantage of her. Fireworks aren’t cheap. And Mimi was “surprised” by them. Will she, however, be surprised by the bill, when it arrives? Wellllll… Stella’s taken over the accounting too. So…

Something for the Lambily to keep an eye on.