Mimi never misses an opportunity to celebrate a holiday. Any holiday. Because holidays are “festive”. And no one is more festive than Mariah Carey. So she pulled out the green version of the same dress she’s been wearing since 2005 and took her tits out for a spin. To note: green is also a Christmas colour. But Mimi NEVER wears green at Christmas, the holiday that she’s now fully taken ownership of. Red is for Christmas. Maybe even a little white. But green, green Mimi doesn’t happen at Christmas. Evidently she saves green for St Patrick.

And so here she is in green everything – her kids are in green, the car is green, her boyfriend is wearing green around his neck…

But can we please take a closer look at this shot she posted on Instagram? In particular, note Monroe’s pose:


Happy St. Patrick's Day 🍀🍀🍀 #demkids #stpatricksday

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RoeRoe is copying mommy’s favourite pose. She’s been practicising. You know how we know that? Mimi showed us!


My name is #roeroe ❤️❤️❤️

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Monroe turns 6 years old next month. And, as her mother’s child, probably already knows her angles better than the rest of us.