Mimi in Vegas

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 15, 2015 21:23:30 January 15, 2015 21:23:30

Jacek and I used to go to Vegas at least once a year. It was much easier when we lived in Vancouver. Just a two hour flight. We’d stay long, by Vegas standards. Most people go to Vegas for 3 days, 4 tops. We’d stay 6 days and golf and gamble and eat. But even before we moved to Toronto I was kinda getting tired of it, probably because I don’t have that much holiday time and I want to use it to see new places.

Now though…

Now that a Mimi residency has been confirmed at Caesars starting in May…

Oh it’s on. My friend Mio and I are already looking at flights. I feel like the last show might be the best one. July 26th. A Sunday. And then a red-eye back to Toronto for The Social the next day. You in? Click here to see the dates.

Vegas is perfect for Mimi. Because Mimi can’t really move. This way, we all have to come to her. Mimi also doesn’t sleep until just before the sun comes up and she doesn’t usually get out of bed until 7pm. That’s Vegas life. It’s a good time in her career for it too. The albums are slowing down. Without the new songs, she can’t make the same amount of money touring. This way, she just has to coast off all of her previous #1s and not have to worry about charting anymore. That, by the way, is why I don’t believe in a JLO Vegas residency. Because she doesn’t have enough tracks.

Here’s Mimi celebrating her big news last night in LA. She’s showing her legs. It means she’s feeling good about herself. There must have been a detox that happened over the holidays.


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