Complex is the name of the magazine with a new Mimi interview. But, don’t laugh, it could also be a word we can use to describe how Mimi is portrayed in the interview.

I know. You’re laughing.

Because, well, Mimi, with all the not-walking and the general Mimi-ness of her elusiveness is not often known for being, um, complex. How complicated can it be? It’s hair and tits and bathtubs and champagne and everything festive and nothing bleak. Check her out at a party the other night with her fiancé, James Packer, pictures I’ve been meaning to post since Monday. And now the agency has pulled the photos so click here to see them. Look at his face. Look at the GLEE on this grown man’s face. Like it’s the first time he’s attempting a titty grab.

Obviously not the first time he’s attempting a titty grab. But I feel like, with Mimi, his titty grabs are rationed. Once a week? If he’s a very, very good boy and spends lots and lots of money on her?

Yes, of course, of course she has her own money. You know what she doesn’t get a lot of credit for though? How smart she is with her money. And now we’re back at this Complex article, perhaps the best article written about Mariah Carey in years. I mean, don’t worry. It’s still a scream. I was screaming for the first 5 minutes reading about her “overwhelmed bra” and how she denies the existence of her birthday and her “unrelenting campaign against unflattering fluorescent lighting” and how she shades the Kardashians and in the same breath claims to not be about shading people, ahem.

But beyond that there is an appreciation here of Mimi’s career, specifically the decisions she made in directing it. Mimi is rich on her own because she owns her publishing rights. But, just as we discussed in Taylor Swift’s case a couple of weeks ago in that her creative contributions are often undermined, Mimi too is not credited enough these days for her songwriting talent and her ability to build a hit song. Just like Max Martin gets praised for so much of Taylor’s work, Mimi’s work is often asterisked with LA Reid or Jermaine Dupri. You’ll note, Max Martin also worked with The Weeknd, as pointed out in this article. Now how often do you read about that? How often do they go out of their way to make sure you know that?

In between the quotes in this Complex piece about her fashion and her moods and her cleavage, Mimi also takes time to remind people that she has been underestimated and undermined. Sometimes by herself. Because it’s not like she doesn’t participate in her own ridiculousness. She IS ridiculous. But she’s also never pretended to not know that it’s ridiculous. So is the ridiculous part of a plan?

As we move closer to seeing more of Mimi in her “docuseries” Mariah’s World, amid initial suggestions and speculation – from me too – that she may not have been in control of this decision, what with a new manager in her life and an overhaul within her team, this is a good move, to make the case that she is more than just…bubbles and sequins.

But, yeah, those too. Always. Did you hear about how she had a restaurant in Capri play her music upon her arrival so that she could choreograph her entrance to her own songs? I never, ever want that to change.

Click here to read the full Mimi article at Complex.