The first post today was supposed to be the trailer for Martin Scorsese’s new film Silence. Which, as Mimi would say, looks BLEAK. The opposite of bleak, as we know from Mimi, is festive. So, I choose festive.

Mimi’s on Ellen today. And Mimi brought the festive. As Ellen notes during the interview, while gesturing to, um, Mimi’s centrepoints, “there’s a lot of festivity goin’ on there right now”. The “festivity” of course is unveiled after Mimi removes her red robe, which is what she was wearing when she made her grand entrance.

After that, Ellen asks Mimi about her punctuality. Or, sorry, why Mimi doesn’t understand the word. And then they talk about the “docuseries”. And then conversation turns to the broken engagement. Mimi insists that she can’t really talk about it. And she claims that she’s doing OK, although she goes out of her way to sigh and look away and generally make the answer so dramatic that she’s obviously saying she is not OK because if she was OK then she wouldn’t be able to ask for $50 million. She also throws out the word “allegedly” when asked if James Packer was uncomfortable with being included on the show. So, basically, she’s saying he’s lying.

A few days ago it was reported that Mimi’s settlement talks with James have fallen apart because James is refusing to pay her. She’s countering that he owes her because he used her star power for business deals and she wants a piece of that business, on top of all the other accusations about making her move to LA for him. At this point, according to TMZ, if he pays her, it’ll only be to be rid of her. Well, exactly. You think you can walk away from a butterfly for free, motherf-cker?!? Especially when you are compromising the most FESTIVE time of the year?! Mimi lives for Christmas. She should be worry-free and free to “festivate” this holiday season, showing up late for tree lightings, modelling reindeer lingerie, and being carried around by naked firefighters dressed up as snowmen – THAT’s how Mimi should be spending these next few weeks, instead of having to stress about lawsuits and paperwork. How dare he ruin Christmas. And will she manage? Will she be OK? In Aspen? With a team of bodyguards helping her around the snow, and an even bigger team of cheerleaders shouting “HAPPY CHRISTMAS YOU’RE SO SKINNY!” every 5 minutes”? If they need more people, I would happily volunteer.

Attached: Mimi at an Airbnb hosted party in Los Angeles, California on November 19, 2016.