The butterfly who’s been a constant festive light in our lives for so many years has many reasons to be festive today. More specifically, 35 CARATS worth of reasons…

There is no bleak in the sky…
And there are definitely no clouds in her stone…

Because James Packer knows better than to propose to our Mimi with anything but the best. Also he can afford it.

It happened last night in New York. James gathered together several of Mimi’s closest friends (so, probably, her hairstylist, her makeup artist, her lighting technician, and the person who carries her up and down the stairs) and, in their presence, asked her to be his wife. This guy. This billionaire. I mean he’s been playing it right since the very beginning, you know?

When he took her on his yacht in the summer to the south of France, he made sure to play only her music through the speakers. For the last 6 months or so, he’s demonstrated that he has the inclination – and the bank account – to woo our Mimi the way our Mimi deserves to be wooed. So the proposal?

OF COURSE it had to have an audience.

The ring is 35 CARATS. What’s the point of 35 carats if there’s no audience? Click here to see. (These photos are on embargo to its first buyers for 24 hours and I can’t wait that long to write about this.) It’s enormous. It’s so huge and she’s so proud of it that, in order to make sure you can see, she even closed her own car door.


Well, when she gets proposed to with an estimated $7.5 million dollar, 35 carat diamond ring.

And the world found out about it, basically, five minutes later. Because why bother keeping a secret when you’re waving around a 35 carat diamond ring?

The timing, also, couldn’t be better. Mimi, as you recall, was hospitalised with the “flu” in December – click here for a refresher. Since then, she’s been showing us the results of said “flu” on her body. So she’s skinny again AND getting married again.

Lambily, her happiness is our happiness. It couldn’t have worked out better for us. And we all knew it was coming, non? Mimi and James were already “pre-engaged” in June. Any true Lamb could see then that James was worthy of our sequined queen. Because, as I noted at the time, Mimi doesn’t round the bases unless there’s a precious jewel waiting for her at each one, and home plate reserved for the biggest rock. That, by the way, isn’t necessarily the ring, either. What’s a ring when you can have your own jet? Or your own private island? The Isle of Mimi, somewhere in the Caribbean. It’s the perfect wedding gift from a billionaire to the elusive chanteuse. And where the butterfly’s wings will finally open all the way for entry. Remember, Mimi claims she’s chaste and won’t go all the way until the paperwork has been finalised. She definitely let him grab a double handful under her top last night though. I mean 35 carats is worth at least that.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis has been credited with the quote:

“The first time you marry for love, the second for money, and the third for companionship.”

For Mimi, the first time was money, the second was for love, and the third…

Will it be money AND companionship? Or, um, just straight up money?

Whatever. This is no time for cynicism. She’s marrying a billionaire. She’s marrying her Billionaire Hero.