And she’s talking about it. She’s talking a lot of sh-t about it. God bless her, you know? God. Bless. Her.

Mimi was interviewed on the radio and asked about her Idol experience. She was candid: it was hell for her. And Nicki Minaj was Satan. But what makes this so entertaining is not that she’s still picking a fight but why she was so unhappy to begin with.

As she explains, they original promised her that there would only be 3 people on the panel.

In other words, Reason #1 Mimi hated Idol:
She wasn’t the only girl.

Then she goes on to say that she was initially looking forward to it because she wanted to work with Randy Jackson, who used to play in her band.

In other words, Reason #2 Mimi hated Idol:
She thought she would be on the panel with only people who were her EMPLOYEES.

After that she revealed that producers were making decisions that she didn’t agree with for “political” reasons.

In other words, Reason #3 Mimi hated Idol:
People wouldn’t listen to her

And she ends off by saying she prefers to be in the studio recording music and touring her music.

In other words, Reason #4 Mimi hated Idol:
It wasn’t just about her.


No one else, except maybe Julia Roberts, is so singularly, passionately, unapologetically devoted to herself. It’s a thing of beauty. This is worth your 16 minutes, but if you don’t have time, start at the 10 minute mark.