It’s the news that isn’t news. Just a week or so before the release of her new Christmas album, Mimi has confirmed that she and Nick Cannon are indeed expecting. As my mother would say, “I’m so exciting.” If you have immigrant parents, you know exactly how hilarious that is, when they f-ck up their verb conjugations. The Squawking Chicken walks around all the time telling people how “exciting” she is.

So yeah whatever Mariah Carey’s having a baby. You knew. The best part about this interview then is not the official announcement, but the fact that they had to include the part when she can’t get comfortable. In her own house! On her own couch! It’s like her non-walking, her inability to self-transport. Watch as the entire crew comes over to try and settle her in her position. It’s amazing.

And then listen at the very end to Billy Bush’s telling paraphrasing about how Mimi claims she and Nick conceived – they insist they did not use IVF, and absolutely NOT the clinic that Jennifer Lopez used...


But JLo denied in vitro. JLo claimed, and adamantly at that, that she would never ever try in vitro. So who f-cked up here? Because this will not go unpunished.

Attached – Mimi in New York recently.

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