News of Mimi’s broken engagement is making headlines all over the place. First everyone was wondering if she got dumped. Then we heard about a big ass fight in Greece. And then we met Bryan Tanaka, her dancer/choreographer, who may have been why James Packer was getting so territorial. It’s not like Mimi doesn’t know people are talking. So what does she do?

She goes out. With Bryan. While still wearing that enormous engagement ring which, allegedly, she has no intention of giving back. The photos are here. Please note also that Mimi wants you to see her bra and that she’s in a pair of tight red leather pants, to make sure you remember that she is SO VERY SKINNY, SKINNIER THAN EVER, AMAZINGLY SEXY AND SKINNY.

And single. Sexy, skinny, and single and maybe dating a hot guy. As I mentioned earlier, this is a new angle for the reality show. Instead of planning a wedding, Mimi’s navigating a new romance. How do you think James is taking this message?