Flu downs Butterfly

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 2, 2015 21:34:34 December 2, 2015 21:34:34


She’s sick!

Last night Mimi was out in New York wearing red, because it’s December, and she owns Christmas. But according to TMZ, shortly after these shots were taken, our Mimi was hospitalised!

She was apparently super dehydrated from the flu and still hooked up to an IV this morning. Also she has a performance on Saturday so her team took extra precautions to ensure that she’d be able to make it.

You know what that means.

We are ALL going to be hearing about the BLEAKNESS of what just happened. She will hold this over us for as long as she can. Because every time the butterfly goes down, it becomes an international humanitarian crisis.

Juuuuust a quick question though: is “flu” another word for “drop 10 lbs quick”?

Raymond Hall/ D Dipasupil/ Getty Images

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