Before we break off for the weekend (Smutty Tingles is still coming), let’s get ourselves in the best mood possible. You know who’s good for that? Come on. You KNOW who’s always good for that. It’s our Mimi.

Mimi appeared to be in Monaco this week. Of course she was. At least it looked that way from this photo she posted of herself with Roc on her Twitter. God those kids are impossibly cute. Mimi’s also been active on her Twitter about her puppies, and by puppies I mean actual puppies and not her tits, though I can understand why you might have assumed that.

She’s asking the lambily to name them. The top 5 suggestions are:

Pow Jackson, Pipity, Mutley, Honey & Babydoll

Not even Duana could have anything to say about this. There are no rules when it comes to Mimi names. No rules at all.

By the way, have you seen this shot of Mimi from Lee Daniels’s upcoming The Butler?

The last time Mimi worked with Lee Daniels, for Precious, he somehow succeeded in getting her to de-butterfly herself. There needs to be a movie about the movie, just so we can see how it happened behind the scenes. How much cajoling had to go down to get her to shoot this scene, toiling in the fields, without wearing her heels?

Speaking of behind the scenes, Sasha sent this video below to Dean and me this morning from #Beautiful. It’s... everything. And it will explain the title of this post. I promise, you will enjoy the next two and a half minutes.