Our sweet butterfly went down with the flu last week and had to be hospitalised – click here for a refresher. Apparently her team wanted to take extra precautions because she was scheduled for a performance on Saturday.

She made it to the performance. In pants.

First of all, when was the last time Mimi showed up for a holiday event not wearing red? And second…

When was the last time you saw Mimi in pants?

When I think of Mimi in pants, this is what always comes to mind:

Click here to see more of what that came from.

The point is, Mimi in pants doesn’t happen very often. Mimi is almost ALWAYS on stage in a gown. Or a cocktail. It’s very, very, very rarely pants. If she’s wearing pants though, you know she’s feelin’ herself. Hard. Or, you know, she just had the flu. Which is what I meant last week when I asked, “is “flu” another word for “drop 10 lbs quick”?