So JLo has left Idol. Who will replace her?

They’ve been working on it for a while. PEOPLE reports one of the targets they’ve been working on is Mimi. Ummm...if money was an issue for JLo, how is it not an issue for Mariah Carey? Mimi won’t come cheaper than Jennifer Lopez. If anything Mimi will be MORE. Always more. More is Mimi’s 2nd favourite word, right after ME.

But is Idol a good, smart career option for our Mimi? Well... she sells sh-t on Home Shopping Network so, I’m not sure a standards discussion really applies here. Besides, Mimi hates moving. This way, her ass is in that judging chair for several months of the year and her bank account keeps getting bigger.

There is only one challenge for Mimi on Idol and that is whether or not Mimi can actually provide commentary on anyone other than herself. Which is also why I desperately want this to happen. We should all be desperate for this to happen. I mean, you know Mimi, don’t you? You’ve seen Mimi, haven’t you?

A couple of years ago, Sasha, Dean, and I were obsessed with this amazing Mimi compilation that we’d watch at least once a week and then somehow it went missing and we couldn’t find it anymore but I’ve recently just found it again and if you haven’t seen it, I promise you will love it. This is 6 minutes of beauty, the best life has to offer. Now imagine this on American Idol. Come ON!