I held this post until today because Mimi’s always good before the weekend. You’ve busted your ass. You’re tired. You need to change your mood. You need to start your Friday night off right.

Mimi’s album is finally ready. It drops May 27. And now we have a title. With an explanation.

Me. I AM MARIAH…The elusive chanteuse.

Come on.

Once in a while someone emails me to complain about my forever love for Mimi, not understanding the relationship, asking me for clarification. And…well…I feel like… if The Elusive Chanteuse isn’t doing it for you, nothing ever will.

She says that it’s because some of her fans have taken to calling her that – The Elusive Chanteuse.


If you know Mimi, as I know Mimi, you know where it came from. You know about Mimi’s preference for certain words. You know about that very specific, ridiculous Mimi vocabulary.

Here are some examples of words that Mimi has taken over:


And, of course…


It’s the –ive ending that she’s drawn to. Just like ELUSIVE. If there was ever a Mimi word, it would be elusive. She doesn’t know what the f-ck it really means, but she’s decided it belongs to her anyway.

As for Chanteuse…

The best part of Chanteuse is how she pronounces it. Not the proper way, no way. But like SHONN-TOOSE. As in Caboose.

Now if that doesn’t convince you, there’s really no hope.