As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Nick Cannon announced on the radio this morning that he and Mariah Carey are expecting twins. Celine twins, Mimi twins...

It’s like they’re trying to heal the world.

We do need healing.

Anyway, the best version of this twin confirmation is over at Roger Friedman’s. Somehow, because he’s Roger, he’s managed to get his hands on what appears to be an email message that Mimi sent to a “friend”. Does she always write to her “friends” like it’s a media release? Last week Mimi performed at the Christmas in Washington special. The First Family was there. But this is not important.

At an event that celebrates the birth of Christ, Mimi had to make sure that the birth of her Hello Kitties took centre stage. You should know by now. It’s always about Mimi. This is also why she had to repeatedly drop into her message when the Christmas special will air. You know, just in case her “friend” sent it to the press:

After waiting as long as possible w/out confirming or denying the rumors as to whether or not we are expecting twins, I told NC he could confirm this on his radio show this am. (Yaaaay! All is well am seeing a specialist and had a great ultrasound last night! )

We wanted to wait because of what happened last year and the fact that its technically a “high risk pregnancy” when expecting twins so we really wanted to make sure we were all good first.
Last week I performed for the President
in DC for “Christmas in Washington” which airs on TNT tomorrow dec.17th. Ironically, I opened the show w/my own composition for “Merry Christmas ll you” “One Child” : ). After closing the show w/”O come all ye faithful” I stood w/ host Ellen Degeneres and the rest of the performers (NC was seated in the front row next to Portia + the first family)as well all listened to president Obama’s Christmas message. After he spoke, the President and First lady joined the performers in singing “Hark the herald angels”as they exchanged holiday wishes with us. I hadn’t told anybody about the twins but decided to share the news with the Obama’s as it was a once in a lifetime moment and I wanted to remember it forever and share the memory with my children when they are old enough to understand how special that was:
I almost had to bind and gag NC so he wouldn’t tell the world right away7(lol)so after the latest ultrasound last night I said ok and apparently he confirmed it on air a few minutes ago,judging from the flurry of activity on twitter!
I just wanted to let you know for the record and tell you our story,
Happy holidays!
PS-Im not sure how they’ll edit it but I’m pretty sure if the cameras were rolling you can see me whispering to the Obama’s on stage at the end of the song. That’s when I told them.
TNT dec.17th. A very,very nice moment : )

LOVE how she had to make sure the reader knew that Nick was sitting in the front row. Very important detail. Otherwise I would totally have assumed he’d be shunted at the back.

Photo attached of Mimi at the Christmas Special live, and also at the rehearsal before.