In England they make a big deal of the Christmas #1. It was a storyline in Love Actually. Here in North America, I’m not it’s a thing. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s not a thing. But did you know that Mimi’s Christmas song, now one of the most famous Christmas songs of all time, All I Want For Christmas, was never a #1 hit? In fact, it’s never broken the top 10! I just read about this yesterday in Forbes. The highest All I Want For Christmas has ever charted as last year, at #11. This year, however, it apparently has a real chance at finally getting there. She’s been a consistent social media presence with her annual Christmas concerts and the “docuseries”. She’s doing interviews, she’s on Watch What Happens Live tonight. She’s trying to be everywhere. She’s trying to make up for losing that billionaire. Mimi is hustling! Mimi is actually WORKING – by her standards – rather hard. So hard that she’s getting SO skinny.

It was actually exactly a year ago that Mimi was hospitalised for the “flu”, remember? Back then James Packer hadn’t yet proposed. She fell ill and then re-emerged super thin, the thinnest Mimi ever, and has been showing it off all year. Mimi lost the engagement but she didn’t lose the skinny. How happy do you think she was last night, the skinniest butterfly in this super skinny bodysuit, with her hot little boyfriend, so skinny her head and her tits are getting bigger and bigger.