There's no better way to start the weekend than with some Mimi. And this kind of Mimi means it could be a spectacular weekend. I know I ask you for a lot. Here's another request: promise you will watch this. Because I promise you that there is no way you can come out of it without a lot of joy in your heart. And this is how I want you to end your week.

You first heard the song the other day. And as I wrote then -- it's great, a great summer jam.

Now please enjoy Mimi and Miguel's video for #Beautiful. And now you know why she was ok with not coming in to the song until after the first minute. You see, the extra time allows her to touch herself, celebrate herself, with wind -- from a machine and on a motorcycle -- and show you the results of a week or 10 days off carbs.

But it's not Mimi's self-rubbing that elevates this video to new levels of amazingness. What will give you the most pleasure -- at least it gave me the most pleasure -- is how totally uncoordinated she is. Which should be no surprise. Mimi, after all, has a hard time standing still on her own. So when she tries to gyrate, without assistance, without the presence of 3 bodyguards around to hold her up, in heels and her hair in her face, she is a mess. I wish we could see the b-roll from this shoot because there is no way she didn't fall over several times. Especially when she starts spinning.

Look at that!

Look at her attempt to move around in circles of seduction. It is indeed a #beautiful thing. It might even be the most #beautiful thing.

Happy Mothers Day!