Mimi kicked off her Vegas residency last night. And look at the stage…


Our butterfly comes flying out of butterfly wings!


“Flying” might not be the right word. Our butterfly doesn’t actually fly. Instead, our butterfly, according to the New York Times review of the show, is “wheeled” out, several times. That’s actually how they described it. WHEELED!

Which, give me some f-cking credit, is how I’ve been describing it for years! They wheel her out in wheelchairs, on cherry pickers, on golf carts, on whatever device they have on hand to move Mimi from one position to the other because, as you know, Mimi can’t ambulate. Because she’s too busy hitting the high notes.

Only the NYT said that the high notes weren’t happening. Look at some of these dresses, how tight they are. She can barely breathe let alone give you 7 octaves. Sh-t, people, what more do you want from this angel? What more can she give you?

She’s giving you sequins. She’s giving you ruffles. She’s giving you curly hair and Vision Of Love. At one point she comes out in a pink convertible and then, THEN she rides around the stage on a jet ski (for serious!) while she tries to keep her hair off her face…

And you still want a high note?

Have some f-cking gratitude.

Click here to read the piece in the NYT. Or you can just enjoy these photos.