Kristi emailed me yesterday with this Twitter link and the following message:

RIGHT NOW: Mariah Carey arriving @ LAX in a wheelchair (Tu 1:04pm)

What? No, she’s fine. She’s just...

Well you know she never liked to walk to begin with right? Standing is sometimes a stretch. And now that she’s expecting, there’s no better time than to instead on NOT walking or standing if she can help it. I have been loving this about her for a long time and in many ways, Mimi’s allergy to self sufficiency remains one the central themes of this blog.

Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to find 1 shot of this moment of amazingness – Mimi arriving home from Singapore, where she fell ever so delicately on stage, and then being transported by wheelchair to her vehicle, where they probably lowered a ramp and pushed her into her seat. Like Wheel Trans but for perfectly healthy celebrities.

Let’s visit the beauty of this below, shall we?



Photo from NPG