Earlier this week at the inauguration, Mimi was forced to sit among the likes of Jon Bon Jovi, Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, and Bruce Springsteen in the VIP section.

This did not please the Cheese.

She apparently lost her sh-t when she found out her seat was not with the First Family in between the Obama Girls. So instead of sticking around, she took off. And now she’s being criticised for it.

Like, what did they expect?

Where else would Mimi sit? Don’t they know? Obviously they don’t know. Nobody puts Cheesy in a corner. Except the President of the United States. Heh.

Here she is at Sundance where she actually received raves this week for her performance in the upcoming independent feature Push – not to be confused with the new movie also called Push starring Dakota Fanning.

Mimi is virtually unrecognisable in the role leaving critics flabbergasted that she could actually pull it off. What? Yeah…apparently.

That’s a Chanel skirt. Like you couldn’t tell.

And just because, for the title…

Nobody puts baby in a corner

Photos from Wenn.com