Thanks to Marissa P for sending me the video of my Mimi on Rosie yesterday talking about the 30 pounds of bullsh-t she’s dropping on us for Jenny Craig so that she’s now a size 4/6.

As you can see from the clip, being substantially lighter hasn’t not improved Mimi’s ability to move without assistance. And by that I mean she had to be LOWERED ONTO THE STAGE by a crescent moon with her giant tits taking up at least three quarters of a size 4 before two huge bodyguard/assistant/men in suits came over to HELP HER OFF and WALK HER OVER to the interview area where a CHAIR WAS WAITING for her to sit down.

In other words, she STILL ISN’T WALKING...

And for this, I am grateful, so grateful.

Mariah Carey NOT walking is one of the greatest joys of this life.

Strangely, at a certain point in this clip though, she says something about having to learn how to walk again after birthing her twins.


I don’t understand.

Also...have you noticed she is ALWAYS criticising her man? Everything Nick does is sh-t when it comes to the kids. Everything she thinks of for Roc and Roe is the best ever, which includes wanting them to be dumb. But she will remind them, every day of their lives, how she SUFFERED to have them.

When she talks about pregnancy, do you get the sense that no one has ever been pregnant the way Mimi was pregnant??? Like, she reinvented the experience?

Please note too that she spends the ENTIRE interview suspending her right leg over her left, not letting it completely settle in so as to not push down any more flesh. Do you know how hard she must be working? There must have been a masseuse backstage waiting to rub her down from all that exertion. Never in your life have you ever, ever endured what Mariah just endured on Rosie’s talk show, ok? And never have you ever worked as hard as she’s working to lose the 30 pounds and promote the loss of the 30 pounds and get paid like mega millions to keep going on and on about how losing the 30 pounds made her a size 4/6 who still can’t walk from one end of a stage to the next.

Now shut up and admire an artist at work.

Sorry this video was removed by the publisher.