As you know, it’s now an annual tradition. The elusive VOLUPTUARY plays a series of holiday shows in NYC every year. She also announced today that she and Lionel Richie are going on tour together starting in March:


How is this going to work, managing Mimi’s schedule when there is another artist to consider? As you know, Mimi doesn’t understand how time works. Which is fine, in theory, when she’s the only one on stage. But, what, is Lionel Richie going to wait 3 hours while she takes champagne baths backstage and another 2 hours for her to get her titties corseted?

You know who had to wait last night? Beyoncé.

Mimi was “only” an hour and a half late last night. (Thanks Betsy!) Does Beyoncé get a heads up about how late she is so that she doesn’t have roll up too early? I’m guessing Beyoncé got a phone call. I’m guessing Beyoncé isn’t wasting her f-cking time doing nothing while Mimi’s backstage getting stitched into her gown.

Here’s the photo that Mimi posted of them together backstage:


I love you @beyonce thank you sooooo much for coming out tonight! ❤️😘🎤🙌🏽💋#merrychristmas

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You will note that it’s similar to the photo Mimi posted on Beyoncé’s birthday:

You don’t get the good light when you’re in a photo with Mimi. NOT EVEN IF YOU’RE BEYONCE. And Beyoncé knows. Don’t think Beyoncé doesn’t know what’s happening here. Don’t think Beyoncé’s not aware that Mimi is ruthless when it comes to light distribution. But Beyoncé lets her have it. And not out of respect or deference. But because this is how you deal with a child.