Doesn’t look like Ashton had anything to do with it! Nope… Mimi’s just crazy! And crazy in love. One of Nick Cannon’s relatives reportedly confirmed the news to E! and the New York Post is suggesting that it happened so quickly, she actually went ahead with it BEFORE signing a prenup!

See what happens when you lose too much weight too quickly? You fry your brain!

As for the ring drama and whether or not he recycled the same ring he used for Selita Ebanks – it was confirmed that Nick purchased Mimi’s ring from Jacob & Co: pink diamonds, 17 carats worth $2.5 million. Selita’s was only 12 carats and colourless. So… same style, not the same ring?

You’d think he’d be a little more creative though, non?

But seriously… ring issues, money issues, all that aside… I love Mimi with Nick Cannon. Mimi smut is the best smut.  Cheesy, smoked, and delicious. Like a streetside hot dog. Yum!