Mariah Carey is in London promoting herself and they asked to her to turn on the Christmas lights at Westfield Mall or something. Needless to say, having Mimi there didn’t come for free. Click here for a full list of her demands that included 20 fluffy cats and doves that had to be released upon her arrival.


A wand.


I f-cking love her.

She also bit the ass of a UK talk show host the other day when she kept them waiting for an eternity because she says she’s not a morning person. Then some more time passed because she couldn’t find an outfit she felt like wearing. This is the same person who, during a signing once, asked an assistant to bring her a bottle of water and had the person hold the straw up to her lips to sip so she didn’t have to lift a finger for herself.


Is it obnoxious? Of course. Would I change her? Hell no.

Mimi isn’t ordinary. Do not ask her to be ordinary.

And do not ask her to ride around in a cheap half million dollar Mercedes Maybach. This is an insult. And this is also now one of my favourite stories of all time. Thank you to the lovely reader who sent this in:

Initially a top class Mercedes complete with a chauffeur was sent to take Mariah to the studios, but this wasn’t deemed exclusive enough for a star of Mariah’s stature and was then replaced by a £250,000 Mercedes Maybach. However the Maybach limo was also rejected and then, third-time-lucky, a Rolls Royce Phantom was dispatched.

Of course the Phantom had to be “decorated with vinyl graphics of butterflies in a nod to the singer’s 1997 album entitled butterfly” before the divine Miss Carey would grace it with her presence…

Can you imagine? A Phantom Rolls tricked out with sticker butterflies?

The holidays are coming. Smile for Mimi.

PS. Note the way she comes down the stairs. It is my happy place.

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