If you feel like sh-t today, I PROMISE you, watch this, watch this RIGHT NOW, and Mimi will make you feel better. In fact, any time you feel like sh-t watch this. And Mimi will heal it all.

Mimi was back on HSN this weekend selling her butterfly cheap sh-t. The product doesn’t matter though. What matters is how she presents it. Which... I mean what she’s presenting is herself. All about herself. It’s always about herself.

Mimi, Mimi, Mimi, me, me, me, me, me.

Oh My God, I love her so much.

Now many of you have sent to me a variation of an edited version of her appearance and there are several different ones out there but by far, by far the best one is the Gawker one. If you haven’t seen the Gawker one, your life is not complete.

I love it when she turns every call into a conversation about how miserable she was during pregnancy. Also what a heroic effort she made carrying those babies. Like it was the most suffering any woman had ever suffered. Like it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to anyone and only she could survive it. Then there’s Mimi the director. This is my favourite. Because she keeps yelling at the camera operators, overriding the control room, on what to shoot or more specifically what NOT to shoot:

Her. When she’s not “ready” or in a good position.

I watched this 2 times through already. In the airport lounge in San Diego when I should, um, be writing another article.

Jesus, I could go on. But there’s too much to say, too much amazingness.