She is a gift to good gossip. Her Cheese is unparalleled – an endless source of amusement on the darkest of days.

Here is Mariah Carey on the cover of Glamour Magazine. And the interview inside doesn’t disappoint. Two passages in particular:

Mariah’s New York triplex is massive – 12,000 square feet of Mimi cheese, so spacious she has no clue how many bathrooms, one of which is devoted to Hello Kitty. But it’s her counting attempt that kills me.

“I don’t know! Do you really want me to try and think about it?”

Priceless. I can actually hear her saying it.

Even better… Hello Kitty Mimi dreams of genie:

“Wouldn’t it be really hot if I could just blink and change my outfit right now? How amazing would that be?”

How can you not worship this bitch?