Cheese Toe Christmas

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 13, 2008 16:07:24 November 13, 2008 16:07:24

Hello Kitty Mimi’s on the cover of the holiday issue of Redbook. As usual, because she’s generous like that, Mimi doles out some cheesy gems, including how she plans on celebrating Christmas with her new husband Nick Cannon.

"I always get Santa lingerie, even if nobody sees it. But this year it will be appreciated!"


You KNOW you want pictures. And crazier still, we actually just might get pictures. Mimi never wastes and opportunity to show off her cheese toe.

She also never wastes an opportunity to tap in to every dude’s porny fantasy, revealing that she and her girlfriends enjoy:

"(going) in the hot tub in our Christmas bikinis, then roll in the fresh snow and jump back in!”

Her outfit on such occasions is, of course, a “red bikini with a Santa hat”.

Like… she makes me so happy. Doesn’t she make you happy?

Am attaching one of my favourite Mimi moments from a few years back: what says Christmas better than Mimi showing you her ass while decorating the tree?


It’s, like, mid November. And already – Christmas is everywhere! Feck!

Time to bust out Love Actually. An annual tradition. It’ll get me in the spirit.


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