These are bleak times. This is the word Mimi likes to use when the lighting is bad. But this week, for those less fortunate – basically everyone – it’s been a f-cking asskicker. Which is why we need all of Celine’s Joy and … all of Mimi’s festive. Festive, in the Mimi dictionary, is the opposite of bleak.

What could possibly be more festive than Mimi on holiday on a yacht, prancing around in tight clothes, making everyone listen to her music, and posing, of course posing. Always posing. And preening. And generally making no sense at all while a crowd of people surround her, clapping.


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I have watched this at least 20 times. It’s pretty much the greatest single minute of my year. So much is happening. First of all, Mimi, obviously, in her element. But if you can tear your attention away from her, if that’s possible, please note James Packer’s expression. Is he trying to disappear himself? Is he …sleepy? Is he bored? He kind of looks bored. HOW COULD HE POSSIBLY BE BORED?

Or is it embarrassment? Is it the discomfort of being in the focus, next to the focus? Some people don’t like the attention, I get that.

But, like, he does know who he’s marrying, right?

Maybe he’s just sheepish. Like, I’m with a glittering rainbow butterfly goddess and I just feel so blessed and humbled. So humbled I’ll gladly hand over all the money.

Also attached - Mimi and James Packer on their yacht in Capri yesterday.