Oh butterfly, what is this crime?

Mimi has been carrying around those twins on a very expensive couch for months, suffering and exhausted, and her reward, her sh-tty reward for all that effort is a pregnancy cover on Life & Style? Like, they were the only buyers? So many hit records, so many #1s, and the best Mariah Carey can do is …this???

It makes me so sad.

Ok, I lie. It doesn’t make me sad at all. In fact, the only emotional option here is Happiness.

So happy.

Because, well, look at it.

You didn’t smile when you first saw it?

This doesn’t give you any joy? It doesn’t fill you with pleasure that she’s trying so hard here to recreate Vision of Love 1990 with that hair and that expression…only she’s, errrr, a lot bigger?

I feel like this might have to be the new wallpaper on my blackberry, that’s how much I love it. To say nothing of the fact that it looks like old Mimi got in her wheelchair and was carried over to the Sears Portrait Studio for these shots. I mean… It’s barely much better than a cell phone camera.

Life can give us a lot of sh-t and struggle. But life can also be kind. Mimi is proof of that every day.