You Americans, when you go around the table tomorrow before you cut into your turkey and call out what you’re thankful for (this happens in movies all the time but does it really happen at your house?), will Mariah Carey be on your list?

She’s on my list.

Yesterday, when my site was giving me stress, I watched these four minutes with Mimi during her latest appearance on the Home Shopping Network over and over again and was grateful every time. Like I always say, you really have to be a miserable f-ck if you can’t find the joy in Mariah Carey. This coming from me, a truly miserable f-ck. Except when Mimi’s on my screen.

My favourite parts:

-when she asks whether or not she should gift us with some “moments”, and then flips her hair.
-how could Mimi, who barely walks or lifts, POSSIBLY DEVELOP CARPAL TUNNEL??? Was it from all the hours of hairstyling school???
-yells at the producers for covering her with a graphic OF HER OWN PRODUCTS
-the abusive jewellery. Oh you mean the 10 carat sh-t you demand of your husband?
-the cherub painting which I am buying for Sasha for Christmas
-once again, complaining about how horrible it was to be pregnant
-her angles!!!

Click here to watch and be happy.

Attached - Mimi posted this photo of herself on her Twitter the other day recording in studio. In a strapless gown. Oh my God, please never let it stop.