Or I might have to fight Sasha for the privilege.

I’m at work in Toronto this week and it’s been a little old school. Duana, Sasha, Michelle, and I met at etalk several years ago. Back then it felt like camp. We don’t normally see each other every day and end up emailing back and forth several times instead. But Duana’s been back in the building and I’m here for a few days and when we hang out at each others’ desks or make up excuses to see each other in someone’s office, we’re all kind of giddily reliving what it was like before.

Here’s how it went down this morning:

Sasha sends me an email with the title “please love this NOW!”

I couldn’t see the image so I walked over to her computer. This is what she showed me before we practically hugged each other with joy. As you can see, Mimi is celebrating herself on the red carpet at the HALO awards. And a woman comes over to interrupt, or something. And Mimi... gently removes it from her spotlight.


What kind of a dumbass would walk into Mimi’s shot?

And at the same time, I would love to be the dumbass walking into Mimi’s shot and getting rejected, without even the courtesy of eye contact.

Duana! Come over and look at this!

Also -- note that Mimi’s eyes are closed as Nick leans in to take a photo with her. Is she the only one who’s allowed to sit down?