Kathleen wrote in the previous post that Demi Lovato, for whatever reason, has taken it upon herself to defend JLO over our Mimi, calling Mimi “mean” and “rude”. OK but, um, again, when has Mimi ever been advertised as otherwise? This is what I don’t understand – at what point did Mimi ever ask you to expect her to be, like, selfless and generous and humble?

Anyway, while Demi was trying to take it to Mimi, there were also headlines circulating about her relationship with Nick Cannon. As reported a few weeks ago, Mimi’s ready to sign the divorce papers but he’s been holding up the process. Then he released a song on Friday called Divorce and people thought it was a diss track. Apparently he had no shade to direct at Mimi. Supposedly he was talking about lawyers f-cking sh-t up and making it complicated. And he posted two photos with Mimi and Dembabies on Father’s Day to show that they all get along great:


Roc & Roe @MariahCarey & Moms wishing everyone a Happy Fathers Day! #Family

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Please note the outfit Mimi has on at what appears to be a play gym/children’s recreation centre. You see what we’re dealing with? Why are we wasting energy talking about Mimi being mean and not supportive when… like… would you study for an exam at a rock concert and then yell at people around you for disturbing your concentration?

As for Mimi’s reaction to all this drama, besides loving it, is to show you that she can not only stand on one foot but lift her other leg, all by herself, in a kicking motion… WHAT THE F-CK JUST HAPPENED???


Little #roundhouse #kick 👠👠👠👠

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I guess this is her way of saying f-ck off but more importantly look at me I’m SO SKINNY. Fine. But can we get back to this miracle? And the science that would have been required to perform it? I’m not actually convinced it’s her. There’s something about the way this head is sitting on this body that looks weird, off. It could be some digital trickery. It could be my brain refusing to see this as legit.

But enough about that. Look at her. She’s SO SKINNY.



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