Probably full of sh*t but it’s the juiciest cheese…and it’s also Mimi!

National Enquirer is reporting that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have been hooking up, ever since he guested on her new video. Mimi is ten years older. Love it.

And love Nick Cannon. Have loved him since Drumline. He has the most beautiful hands. Yum.

Am totally down with Mimi frolicking with a younger man. This is a woman who worships Hello Kitty. And needs people to tell her she’s beautiful the moment she opens her eyes. For real. A younger little upstart is exactly what she needs.

Here’s Nick last night in New York and Mariah in London showing off the girls. Don’t lie. You smile when you see her. Her cheese makes you happy. So please…don’t hate on The Mimi, k?