It’s Mimi on tv!

With dem babies!

This is what Sasha and I have been emailing about today. Mariah Carey is our favourite topic. Why isn’t she YOUR favourite topic???

Mimi’s interview with Barbara Walters, debuting “Roc and Roe”, will air tonight on ABC. They released a short clip on Good Morning America. Why must you watch? How about for lines like these:

“And nobody will ever be able to steal my spirit again.”

I have truly never enjoyed hearing someone talk about themselves more than Mimi talking about Mimi. Or, as it’s called in her world, a standard conversation.

At one point when Walters asks whether or not she trusts her husband, Nick Cannon, who is sitting right beside her, she says, “Sometimes”. And then goes on to imply, ON TELEVISION, that that’s because “he’s a MAN”. While he continues to sit there, eating the sh-t she’s throwing at him.

Sasha is worried now that perhaps all is not well between them.

But, as Sasha said herself, Mimi is f-cking CRAZY. Who else could have married this crazy but for Nick Cannon, a dude who tried to set a world record in HUGs??? Of course he sat there and ate it. He’ll keep sitting there and eating it too. As she continues to make it all about her. Watch. People will start sniping that their relationship is troubled and in a month she’ll announce that she’s been suffering from postpartum. Don’t you know how much those children took out of her? Don’t you know the sacrifice she made? I don’t actually think she knew that babies required taking care of. I actually think this surprised her. I do actually believe that she expected that they would grow and feed and learn themselves. I do actually believe she’s extremely bitter that this is not the case. How could you lie to her like that?

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