One of the greatest joys of Christmas is the sight of my Mimi in Aspen. Every year she jams herself into a skin tight snowsuit and tricks out a pair of fur boots -- sometimes with a heel -- and pretends that she knows how to ski. It’s a glorious annual tradition and it never really feels like Christmas until she’s there, tottering around on the icy sidewalk, in full hair and makeup, somehow always beautifully lit, clutching one of her dogs.

This year though, Mimi has a proper network television job. And, f-ck them, they are working her to the very last minute before the holidays. Here’s Mimi shooting American Idol’s Hollywood week. In a full length gown. I mean, if this is what she’s wearing for Hollywood week, what will we see from her during the live shows? Also, who’s idea was it to shoot Mimi walking from her car into the venue? Look at the expression on that girl’s face in the cream coloured sweater over jeans. She’s probably the one who had to listen to Mimi complaining about it all day.