Mimi recently announced that she’s pushing back her new record release. The reason she gave is creative – she needs more time to work her magic. The reason being speculated is that #Beautiful didn’t sell as well they’d hoped. If that’s the case, should she just stick to playing billionaire birthday parties in Dubai and Monaco and Shanghai and being a Holiday Mascot? Dean wrote a few months ago that Mimi has managed to take over Christmas. I would argue that she’s taken over every holiday, and not just the ones in December. At this point, she’s totally America’s Holiday Mascot. Every holiday. Any holiday!

When it’s Christmas, they trot out Mimi.

When it’s Valentine’s Day, Mimi trots out Mimi.

When it’s Memorial Day, they trot out Mimi.

Fourth of July? Please. Trot out Mimi.

Here she is, yesterday, taping a Fourth of July television special in New Jersey in her holiday uniforms:

A red dress, naturally.

A tricked out black dress, of course.

And Mimi in gingham, like sexy cowgirl styles. Come on. You KNOW Mimi has always fantasised about being Marianne in Gilligan’s Island rolling around in a bale of hay. And the thing about Mimi is that all her fantasies always come true…usually around the holidays!

PS. The breath must always be fresh.