Mimi was at the Fresh Air Fund gala last night, jammed into a baby blue dress with her “titty balls” (as Michael K from Dlisted calls them) in your face. It’s like she could eat them.

How did she get there?

I’m not exactly sure. But if you look at her social media accounts, at some point, the subway was involved.

And maybe a taxi?

I can’t believe it. I don’t even see a wheelchair. She took the subway without a wheelchair? Or a lighting technician? How is this possible?

You know how Beyonce’s social media is carefully curated and well organised? Not messy? Totally controlled?

Mimi’s social media is a f-cking mess. Sometimes she’s in a stairwell. Half the time I don’t understand what the f-ck she’s doing. For some reason she’s really into posting Vines of herself just…like… leaving a building. In her mind, she thinks building-leaving is the most glamourous act of an “elusive” woman.