Justin Bieber is putting out a Christmas album. November 1. Collaborations with some major names, his usual partnerships, and also...


Mimi and Bieber. All I Want For Christmas?

I am ALWAYS happy when I hear All I Want For Christmas. I worry about the amount of joy in your life if you don’t get happy when you hear All I Want For Christmas. (Which she WROTE & PRODUCED, ahem.) And I worry even more if you don’t feel joy in your life while watching this video. Of Mimi announcing her Christmas “collabo” with Bieber but, obviously, making it all about her, and nothing about the collabo because otherwise, why is she tryin’ to open up her jacket to show me her chest? Did she just wave a butterfly in my face with her finger? Oh I get it. Mimi is SELLING ME HER JEWELRY at the same time. And her leggings. This explains the pan down to her feet.


How can you watch this and not LOVE her?

As for Justin - he’s on tour in Brazil and his girlfriend Selena Gomez is with him. They hit up a club last night and totally held hands on the way out and like a f-cking perv I’m zooming the sh-t out of the photos of them in the backseat of the car because yes, I am obsessed with these teenagers in love, ok? God, why are you making me defend it!?