Mimi says Happy Christmas with a new video!  

This is what I’m saying about this time of year. Mimi delights me in February. But she really, REALLY delights me in December.

Is this her LA house?


We open on a huge photograph of what appears to be Mimi mounting Nick, if that’s any indication of what the next four and a half minutes will bring….

Note how she flexes her arm, FOR NO REASON, at the piano, just to remind you of how fit she is now.

For some reason we are expected to believe that Mimi knows what she’s doing in a kitchen. As she’s sticking her ass out from under an apron.

She is nicer to her dog than she is to Nick Cannon who gets facetime however when he’s either worshipping her or singing along to her song because he thinks it’s awesome. But Dembabies are CUUUUUTE, aren’t they?

I love the old time home movie feel of the footage. I love it even more when she prances around the tree with her tits pouring out. And, well, what else can you say about Mimi in the fake snow with Snoopy? Just…don’t question. Mimi Christmas is all around. Enjoy.