I want you all to know that I was wrong.  

I wanted to cover all this celebrity election-related business today. I was fired up - scanning the agencies and tweets for more news, for a stuffed-full article of every celeb I could find, doing their own thing in all different ways. 

I tried to include the below pictures in that article -- but I was WRONG.

Here’s Lainey when I showed her the photos:  “Can’t she have a post of her OWN?   Why does she have to share with all those other celebrities? It’s Mimi!!!”   It’s not that Lainey whines, but her voice when she talks about Mariah takes on a timbre I don’t otherwise hear.  Giddy is the only way to describe it.   You’ve never heard the words “She’s at the polling stationnnnnnn!!!!” screeched with such joy before.

And Lainey is right.   How can you look at these pictures – these understated, serious pictures of a woman seriously considering her voting options – and think that they should be interrupted with anyone else’s thoughts or feelings or actions?  Nick Cannon?  Nope.   You don’t get to know about him or how he looked on voting day.   That guy in the background who’s actually checking people in?  IRRELEVANT.

MARIAH CAREY HAS VOTED.  She waited in line, even!  Blowout, sunglasses, leather jacket, kissy face.  These are the essentials.  Now go do your thing.   (Lainey: if Mimi, who can’t walk by herself, can get her ass to the polling station, YOU CAN TOO! VOTE!) Also, if you pose like that while at the polling booth, I will send you a sticker of my very own.