As you know, I hate BumpWatch. BumpWatch + a loose dress = sh-tty gossip investigation. It’s highly, highly unreliable. Shop Watch on the other hand is a much better indication of pregnancy. And it’s Shop Watch that is making me come around to the idea that our Mimi might just be expecting a rainbow.

Apparently the brown dress she wore last week in Brazil (click here for a refresher) is from a store called Pea in the Pod – maternity clothing. And THAT is a clue worth counting on. Because, well, you’ve got to have a pretty healthy ego to wear pregnancy clothing when you’re not actually pregnant. Consider here who we’re talking about too. I mean this is Mimi. You think Mimi’s ordering baby dresses without a baby to show for it?

For attention? Sure. But not even she would be that lame to say nothing of the jinxy-ness of it all. It’s like telling people you got the job before you get the job.

So Mimi’s making us wait before she releases her Butterfly. She always knows how to get me excited.

Photos attached of Mimi performing in Brazil the other day at the rodeo festival in Barretos. Mimi at a rodeo festival! Apparently they offered her so much money she couldn’t say no.

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