Mimi hosted a party in Vegas this weekend. As you know, so far it’s been a great summer for our most beloved. There’s a new man in her life. And he’s a billionaire. James Packer. He was at one of her shows last week. During one of the songs, she spoke to him directly from the stage, thanking him for giving her “a new heart”...valued at half a million dollars.

That’s $500,000 around her neck.

So, like, second base?

Mimi was wearing her new heart at the party on Saturday. Also they put a tiara on top of the cake! And then adorned the cake with golden butterflies! You’ll note too that the cake was rainbow-ish. These are the defining elements of a Mimi celebration, along with having to play all her hits for the first hour and her face blown up on giant placards all over the place.


But look…


James’s face was blown up on a placard too.

So maybe he hasn’t made it to second base. Maybe that’s what $500K gets you. A giant poster with your face on it beside her sweet 16 forever cake. You don’t get a titty rub for anything less than a million.