We need a mood cleanse from that blind riddle, don’t we?

It’s either puppies or babies then. Oh but please. Why do I lie? Babies and mommies > puppies, especially right now. Because we can’t seem to get enough of people having babies. It’s like the human race just started having babies.

How about really cute babies and their really famous mothers?

Here’s our Mimi tottering around with her baby Roe in New York yesterday. Roe has a bow in her hair and a pair of really steezy glasses. Meanwhile I can’t believe Mimi’s handlers aren’t following her around with a landing pad, or a trapeze net. Or a bed. Or, better yet, a whirlpool. To catch her if and when she stops being capable of walking by herself. And with a child in her arms no less!

Also in New York, Posh stepped out again with H7, this time wearing a side part and a really great pair of boots. H7, that is. H7’s ma actually took her a grocery store where she bought at bag of Pirate’s Booty. She’s probably the only person in history who’s ever bought Pirate’s Booty in a $10,000 outfit.

If only we could set up a Roe and H7 playdate with no nannies and just parents.