Occasionally there will be someone who emails me all huffy about my posts on Mimi, accusing me of exaggerating the Mimi.

There is no exaggeration.

This is a woman who travels exclusively by Rolls Royce, wheelchair, cherry picker, or the arms of her bodyguard. This is a woman who will downside the physical effort of existing whenever possible. The only function of her muscles is for them to fill out her dresses. She does not require them for anything else.

And now we have even more evidence that when Mimi just can’t, well, she just can’t.


Working from bed... sometimes you have to make the voice-over studio come to YOU. 😂#reallife

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It was recently announced that Mimi will voice the part of the Mayor of Gotham in the upcoming Lego Batman movie. Is that what she’s doing here? Everybody else has to go to the studio lot and Mimi gets to do it from bed?

Please note though that she’s in FULL HAIR AND MAKEUP WITH JEWELLERY even though she’s working from home. You ever work from home? One of the benefits of working from home is looking like sh-t. But she went through the process of having her glam squad come over, get her ready, ONLY TO STAY IN BED. And I’ve never loved her more.