I posted the other day about Mimi’s Christmas classic, All I Want For Christmas. Even though you can’t escape the song for weeks every year starting November, it’s never charted in the top 10. This year though, according to Forbes, it has a chance. Mimi is everywhere – her reality show, her Christmas concerts, and now…

Carpool Karaoke. Christmas Karaoke! And it’s not just Mimi. It’s Adele! It’s Elton John! It’s Gaga! Almost everyone who’s done a Carpool Karaoke this year sang along to All I Want For Christmas. Which will only help sales. Which might push the song, finally, into the top 10.

You know who did a Carpool Karaoke in 2016 but is missing from this segment, though?


Also Madonna, and Justin Bieber, and Bruno Mars, and Britney Spears. The reason for JLO’s omission is obvious. What about the others though? Is that a management decision or a personal decision? Like, what does JB have against All I Want For Christmas? He did a duet with her on the song! Holy sh-t, how was that FIVE years ago?!

Anyway, here’s Mimi’s Christmas Karaoke. That silver sh-t looks like it’s painted on her. And, also, you can tell she’s not fully awake yet. If she could, if someone could rig enough lighting in that car, she would totally make Carpool Karaoke at nighttime.