Every day should end like this.

I want you to make sure you don’t get interrupted. No phone calls. No children needing you. No distractions. I want you to enjoy the next 6 minutes fully focused. It’s the only way.

Mimi and Nick Cannon were married again at Disneyland this week. You remember. And now...there’s VIDEO. Entertainment Tonight was invited to cover the event. They put together the story below. Before you go ahead and click play though, just a few thoughts:

Have I ever told you what it’s like to interview Mariah Carey? I’ve not had the honour/privilege/distinction/blessing yet in my career -- and it remains a great void. But I do know several people who have. And here’s kinda how it goes:

Mimi prefers to be interviewed standing up. Because she looks thinner that way.

Prior to the interview, Mimi’s people will come in to give you some “tips”. These tips include -- please do not look too thin, and if you are thin, please dress accordingly. In other words, wear something that makes you look bigger.

Also, Mimi really likes it when you tell her, repeatedly, that she is thin and pretty. This will ensure that the interview goes smoothly. You are laughing. You think this is a joke? It is not a joke. THOSE WORDS ARE ACTUALLY VERBALISED.

And the best part is, for each and every person who’s told me the same, they’ve also mentioned that during the interview, if there was a lull, or if it didn’t feel like it was going well, or if they feel they may have screwed up, their quick go-to move to recover was...

Mariah, you are so thin and pretty, God you are so thin and pretty...and everything turns around.

So anyway, back to the wedding video. Some of my favourite parts:

-the trumpets, or whatever those are
-adjusting herself at the altar and fussing with her hair
-Nick speaking to her the way journalists speak to her: she is so pretty, she is so pretty, she is so pretty
-white dress > blue dress


Did she... Is she...

Does she want Nick to be ordained?!? Like...a proper minister?

Like I said, get rid of all your distractions.

Also attached -- Mimi papping herself for Instagram and then posting the photo with the caption: #beautiful.