When we left off in the previous post, Mimi released a statement confirming that she and James Packer had a throwdown in Greece and that their engagement is on pause. She also denied that the split has anything to do with cheating or money. But according to TMZ Mimi had concerns about James’s violent behaviour and her friends thought he was “mentally unstable”. James denies these claims. Mimi, however, keeps sharing. Apparently one of the issues between them is her relationship with her dancer/choreographer, Bryan Tanaka. James is supposedly jealous over their connection and confronted Bryan in June. He also allegedly banned Bryan from all of his properties. James denies these claims too.

But E! News is also reporting this version events – that Mimi’s been concerned about James’s behaviour for months, that she felt “abandoned” by his absences, worried that he wasn’t in the “right mind”, and that she indeed has been getting closer and closer to Bryan. What’s interesting about this is that yesterday Gossip Cop claimed exclusively that E! is “panicking” over the Mimi-James split because her reality show, Mariah’s World, was about planning the wedding and etc. And now E! is giving exclusive details – basically confirmation – about Mimi and this Bryan Tanaka. Which, to me, smells like a pivot.

Mimi’s people are aware that one of the show’s storylines is now f-cked. And they’ve just given E! a new angle, a new storyline – Mimi and her younger lover, a new Dreamlover. Mariah’s World just got younger and hotter. Bryan was with Mimi at her Halloween party last weekend.

These aren’t pap shots. These are official photos taken by credited photographers. And James would have seen this, would have seen her at the party with a man he was already jealous of, maybe taking his place at her side. So, no, it’s not the money that’s making him mad. Money can do a lot for an ego. But  no amount of money can fix a billionaire’s insecurity.