There was a great article about Mimi over the weekend at The Daily Mail. Damion Young used to be Mimi’s best friend. He started off as her producer. Then he just became her +1 for everything. They’ve since fallen out. But now he’s giving interviews to tabloids about what life was like at her side. Basically she’s surrounded by “yes” people, lives in a bubble, and can’t cope with real life. Young says she needs help. And that her team is taking advantage of her.

My favourite line from the piece though comes later on, when he gives details about her habits, how she behaves at home:

“There is also a Roman-style chaise longue in the marble kitchen because she likes to recline while she eats.”

How much effort does it take to sit up while masticating?


Also, lying down is more flattering – for Mimi, anyway. Especially since all she wears is tight dresses. This is probably why she decided to record a thank you message while reclined, with her tits pouring out, and post it on Instagram.



Thank you so much #lambily!!! #seeyouinjuly #vegas #1toInfinity #L4L

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Attached - Mimi performing on Jimmy Kimmel last week.