About a month ago, Mimi celebrated Lamb Appreciation Day by posting a video about a contest open to members of her “lambily”. If you recall, the moment was so special, she decided to shoot the clip in a stairwell. Click here to revisit that beautiful moment before you watch this new beautiful moment...

Mimi is back to announce the winner of the contest.

As you can see, she cares so much about her lambs that she’s appearing before them on a sh-tty ass camera. Please. Video quality is not important. Especially not when we are gifted with musical interludes that feature fragrance dabbing.


For some reason, midway through congratulating her fans, Mimi puts on her sunglasses and tries to get you to smell her perfume through the internet. Later on she takes us into her SUV with her. And sells it like it’s an “extended” bonus feature.

I am happy.

Attached - Mimi singing for that casino last week.