I told you the other day. It’s not Christmas until Mimi is in Aspen tottering around on big heels and a skimpy snowsuit. This year, we got off to a late start because Mimi had to work SO HARD SO MUCH performing a series of Christmas concerts at the Beacon Theatre.

But look!

Our butterfly angel has arrived at her Christmas destination! Aspen is Mimi’s North Pole. And, as always, she has her own bodyguard, handholding reindeer to help her along in the snow…because, as we expect, she’s in heels. But where’s the snowsuit?

It’s OK. Even though she’s not in a fleece bikini, this is almost better .


An ankle length gown with ruffles on top of stilettos in the snow.

Christmas has officially arrived!

Happy Christmas! Happy Everything! Wishing you a wonderful holiday…until Monday!